Daedalus Holding has been active on the radiation protection equipment market since 2004 and has built a strong reputation as a supplier of lead-free protection against x-rays. Up until now, many end users still call them lead aprons, but strictly speaking, this is incorrect, as a lot of radiation or x-ray protection equipment is made with a substitute material instead of lead.

Since its foundation, Daedalus Holding has distributed lead-free radiation protection clothing. The company was actually one of the first, if not the very first, to sell lead-free aprons. It has always been our goal to put the environment first, even in 2004, when concern about environmental issues wasn’t as widespread as it is now.

In 2014, Daedalus Holdings evolved from a pure distributor of radiation protection clothing into a fully fledged producer of lead-free radiation protection clothing/accessories under the brand name Infinity. This decision was made in part to respond to the growing market globalisation and specialisation that is expected of manufacturers.

The brand Infinity comprises a full range of radiation protection clothing for professional users who are active in the operating theatre, cardiac catheterization, the pain clinic, radiology or other services that use x-rays.

In our range you will find the most common applications with which every professional user will be familiar. Thanks to our role as a manufacturer, we can also offer specialised, unique equipment. Such specific applications are created in consultation with end users, where we look for suitable solutions together.

Daedalus Holding is specialised in radiation protection clothing and accessories. For the RX applications that we cannot manufacture ourselves, we chose several strategic manufacturers as partners: gloves by Emerson, glasses by Philips Safety Glasses and RD50 glass by Schott.