About us

Daedalus Holding is a Belgian company located in Eeklo.
The company was founded on 1 May 2007 by Chris Vanhauwenhuyse, who has been active in the medical sector since 1992.

Daedalus Holding’s core business is the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) against ionising radiation. Our focus is the constant improvement and personalisation of radiation protection equipment to meet the demands of every user. We always work within the legislation in force and with an eye on durability and circularity.

Our way of working

We are continuously researching ways to innovate on the radiation protection market. Therefore, we are always consulting with our end users to keep our productions adapted to real life. High quality standards are essential to us: we submit our products to extensive yearly tests by recognised authorities.

Our Belgian production is complemented by our own full after sales service, which handles the repair, modification, personalisation and identification of radiation protection equipment.

The lead-free radiation protection applications are marketed under the name Infinity.

Daedalus Holding strives for a direct contact between the manufacturer and the end user.